Custom Profiling

Please Note: This service is provided free of charge.  All requests must be for Hawk Mountain Products. Not all profiles will work equally as well due to the infinite variations of hardware, software, consumable and environments. Use profiles at your own risk. If undesired results occur, discontinue use. We encourage you to do your own profiling when possible. Always consult your RIP's documentation before implementing color management or when problems occur.
Hawk Mountain Custom Profiles  download the profile kit  PC or Mac or download individual items below:

1. Download both the Target image files. Each one will print on one sheet of 8.5"x11" paper. You must print and mail both charts, printed on the paper you wish to have profiled, in order for your profile to be generated.

Target files:

ICC Profile Charts 1 & 2  -  ZIP file for PC or ICC Profile Charts 1 & 2 - SITX file for Mac

If you are experiencing problems downloading these files, please note that PC users will need
to right click on the mouse. You will be prompted to either Save Target to disk or run from current
location. Choose Save to disk. Mac users will need to hold their control key "Ctrl" and click on the
mouse. You also will be prompted to either Save Target to disk or run from current location. Choose
Save to disk.

Before proceeding further - please read this PDF file

2. Print the ICC Target through your normal workflow with all calibration and other
profiles turned OFF!

If you have any questions regarding proper settings when printing the charts, call or email us first.

RIP users: To avoid excessive saturation, only ink limiting functions may be needed
before the Optimization target is printed. If ink limiting is used, please make note and apply to
in same manner to ICC targets.

When printing our matte papers (Merlin, Condor, Grayhawk, Kestrel, Osprey) the recommended media type settings for Epson printers include: Smooth Fine Art, Ultrasmooth Fine Art, Watercolor Radiant White, or Enhanced Matte

For Canon printers the recommended media type settings include Photo Paper Plus Glossy and Photo Paper Pro (do not use Photo Matte)

3. Print and complete the Hawk Mountain Custom ICC profile request form
4. Please mail the printed ICC Target (noting your name and company on this target)
and request form to:

Hawk Mountain Papers
Daniel S. Blevins
5351 Edgerton Dr.
Norcross GA 30092

6. Upon receiving the printed ICC Target, we will email you a custom ICC Profile for
your unique workflow.